Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I took a video of the inside of the Honolulu, Hawaii Tabernacle tower light when I went up to repair it. I waqs up there for about 3 hours one afternoon. It is as close to a sauna as you can get. The glass bricks are the kind you see in resturants built in the fourties.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I was looking at some old pictures and decided that this one had to be on our blog even though Mom and I weren't there.

This is an old picture I took of a sunset on Ala Moana Park beach. I was in an apartment on the 39 floor.
This is Glamorous Mom when we went out to dinner New Years eve 2010.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We tried to make Mr. Jackson comfortable by putting him in a plant Mom has in the office.
This where I found Mr. Jackson walking in front of the Tabernacle.
I brought Mr. Jackson to the office for everyone to meet him. I'm on the left then Elder Biggs(our new assistant to take Elder Doanes place), Elder Doane and Elder Moncur.

Mr. Jackson

This is Mr. Jackson. He is a Jackson Chameleon that I found in front of the Tabernacle.

Honolulu Tabernacle

This is the Honolulu Tabernacle taken from the sidewalk in front of it. The tower is 141 feet high. The light has not been on for at least 5 years. Pres. Dalton challenged me to get it turned on before Christmas(this was about Dec. 10). Not an easy climb and the light area gets pretty hot in the day time. It took about 6 times going up to finally get everything going. It really looks good at night. I have Mom to thank for initating the project. The church on the otherside of our appartment building turns on their steeple light every night and she wanted our tower light turned on. I am thankful for the oppertunity to have been the one to get to do it.
This is a picture of the Honolulu Tabernacle showing the light I got turned on. I took this picture about 6:15. The light is set to come on at 6:00. Notice the parrots flying around. They do this every evening about this time.